What We Do

Pujee is an online platform which allows entrepreneurs to prepare early stage financials for effective fundraising.


Get insights on how to raise funds and prepare early stage financials.


Prepare early stage financials using our robust valuation engine.


Download early stage financials and collaborate with investors.

Our Story

Pujee is a social venture that supports entrepreneurs for raising funds. With an evolving startup ecosystem, future growth of Bangladeshi startups depends on access to finance and peripheral support services.

Pujee envisions a dynamic ecosystem with increasing participation of Venture Capital (VC) firms, angel investors and other equity based funding sources. We also believe in the democratization of tools, knowledge and information for facilitating effective fundraising ‒ especially for entrepreneurs without necessary technical know-how.

The self-serving early stage financial platform is the first step towards augmenting the startup funding scene. Not only does its reach restrict to Bangladesh, but also it goes across the region.


Since Bangladesh’s graduation as a lower-middle income country, interests have been rising among international stakeholders for investments. With a growing young population, increasing income and expanding telecom and internet penetration, Bangladesh economy is on a growth trajectory. The budding technology driven startup ecosystem has the potential to breakthrough over the next 3-5 years with enhanced government regulatory support.


Zahedul Amin
Ivdad Ahmed Khan Mojlish
Bijon Islam
M. Saifur Rahman
Mohammad Kashif Choudhury
Md. Sazzad Hossain Nahid

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